Musique : Dead Can Dance / titre : Children of the Sun / album : Anastasis


The mystery of life and death lay beyond the ages of time.

Memory will always remain hidden in our genetic code, generation after generation...


Filmed in Bulgaria & France


In parallel with the contest, sharing our creativity with Brendan & Lisa is already a fulfillment in itself..

Thank you, Dead can dance to permit us to reach, during all these years, a highler level of spiritual comprehension




Credits :


Filmmaker : Jean-François Kilidjan

Contributors: Alina Milusheva & Robert Kopec'

Edited by Emmanuel Gerard Cuesta, Jean-François Kilidjan, Robert Kopec'

Camera Team : Jean-François Kilidjan, Boris Dimitrov, Blao, Joro Miladilnov

Performers : Alina Milusheva & Blao

Appearence : Krasimir Kostov, Blagomira Kostova

SFX : Philippe Cuxac


Makeup: Katerina Benvedi

Hair: Galia Nikolova & Alexandra Kachaklieva

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